Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is the way spiritual friends and acquaintances really support and enhance my practice. When I was younger, I did all my spiritual work in my bedroom or backyard in a solitary fashion. At that time, even when I was in a meditation class, I did my inner work in a kind of bubble - I was always on my own.

This went on for many years. (And conceivably this was exactly what I needed at that time to build the foundation of my practice.)

But then, when I began to invite others into my garden to come and join me in ceremony, I experienced the wonder and significance of this kind of work that reveals itself when you are in community. Everything about my practice and everything in the lives of my new age co-conspirators seemed to bloom joyously open.

This is a kind of magic.

As humans in a new era, we have abandoned a lot of traditional religious structures but I believe we still crave and need the community, the coming together to do spiritual work, the being in a room, quietly, side by side, sharing power as we take the dive within.

And now, of course, I have a lot of mystical allies and it feels like we are in this together and we all want the best for each other and we know we can heal and make magic for one another.

So I encourage you, if it feels right, to create and enjoy a new kind of friendship.

If there is a good community center near where you live, like Spellbound Sky, go there.  Bring your friends.  Make new friends.  

If you live in an area where that is not available, that's no problem. We have the internet.  : ) 

Pick a night. Invite a friend or two over. (Or do a spiritual Facetime or Skype with friends who live far away.) Do a little research and download a meditation from that wonderful internet.  Light a candle. Create intentions, share your crystals. Listen to a guided meditation or beautiful piece of music together and then stay still. After, share tea or a little snack and talk about mysterious things.

Help your friends be magic, make magic.

Support and witness their spiritual work.

Meditate with your friends.  Pray with your friends.  Share sacred moments with them.

See what happens.

xoxo Jess

P.S.  One caveat - don't be evangelical in any way with this. Only cultivate this spiritual aspect of a friendship if the other person really is into it. Never decide for someone else that this would be a good time for them to meditate or start using crystals. Everyone gets to choose for themselves. And sometimes, the best way to generate a group is for you to do your inner work on your own, let your friends see the results for themselves and become intrigued; keep doing you until they ask you to show them your mysterious ways...  :)

3 minute video describing the meaning of the three bells - hint - the third relates directly to this post!