Yesterday I wrote and posted a lot about friendship and I forgot something VERY IMPORTANT.

One of the best things you can do is cultivate a whole pantheon of 'inner friends' - guides and helpers, spirits and animals and energetic beings that you work with in meditation.  You can build a whole cosmology inside yourself and wonderful creatures will come and meet you there, adding so much richness and power to your inner work.

They are your dream friends, your protectors, your most wondrous and creative allies.

They love you in ways you can't imagine and they see things from an extraordinary vantage point. Call to them, believe in them, go to them, follow them.  

Here's a nice little meditation to call them (and outer allies as well) to you....



This 18 minute meditation wakes up your wild aspects, then lets you roam and explore and finishes with an expansive opportunity to call your soul family to you.



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