23 minutes of uplifting pure sound.  Every morning I listen to unguided tracks like this on headphones so I can choose my own adventures in my meditation. 

This particular track I commissioned from my favorite sound duo Electric Sound Bath and in my experience it invites in the most beautiful energies, imagery and feelings.

Great when you are ready to let your visions unfurl without outside guidance (i.e. when you want to meditate without someone else's words in the way).

Once this track finishes, the suggestion is to stay still for a few minutes and just let your body rest and your mind wander.


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As the Sun moved into Virgo this morning I was thinking, “which meditation would a Virgo totally love”?  And, being a Virgo myself, I realized a Virgo would most likely love a meditation they design themselves.  That way, they could make the decisions and adjustments to make it constantly perfect for where they are at and direct its vibe in the direction they want to be going. 

So I popped something NEW into the shop – it’s called Pure Sound and it is a gorgeous 23-minutes – a heavenly and very modern soundscape I commissioned from Electric Sound Bath.  It’s totally unguided (no talking) - think of it as a movie soundtrack for your inner adventures.  A track like this is truly the gift that keeps on giving because your meditation is not constrained by a specific storyline.  I listen to things like this on my headphones every morning, because you can use the same track many times and experience some new magic every time.  Also, as you keep coming back to a piece of conscious music like this, it develops a wonderful, incredibly supportive resonance that helps you drop in and do your inner work.

Share your favorite Virgo or anyone who likes to write their own story…

Xo Jess