The Gaia Theory, which hypothesizes that our planet is one being comprised of organic beings and their inorganic surroundings, suggests that our earth is a living creature herself.

Let’s take that idea one step further. Let’s hypothesize that the earth is not only a living being herself, but also that she is sentient. And let us further speculate that she knows we are here: she can sense us, she can communicate with us, she can feel our kind attention just like she can feel when we mine her for resources.

Things change profoundly when we realize we are in a two-way relationship with her. When we are able to make this paradigm shift, we can no longer behave like she’s not an entity in her own right. We can no longer see her as simply a storehouse of raw materials and territory for us to use according to our shortsighted whims.

As we begin to connect with the wild part of ourselves and therefore with her, we will always come away with evidence that she felt our presence. Time after time, when we go into nature and meditate, or meditate in tune with the wild part of ourselves, she will send us signs and we will know without a doubt—she knows we are there.

And we will also know that not only did she feel our presence, our aliveness, the soft sound of our breath, but she also sent a breeze or a hummingbird or deer strolling by at the perfect time. We learn that when we get still and listen, she will talk to us, she will show us new wisdom for a new way.

So we will know she is alive, with her own wise and gorgeous kind of consciousness. And we will know that she knows when we show up to be with her wholeheartedly. And we will find that whenever we show up to be with her that she showers us with gifts.

A GREAT meditation to connect to the wildness in Her is ELEMENTAL.

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A GREAT meditation to re-connect to the wildness in you is FOURTH LAYER.

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