8/13/19 Newsletter Archive…

In about 48 hours we'll have a full moon at 22 degrees Aquarius (4:29am Thursday morning Pacific Standard Time) making the next few days a great time to do a certain kind of inner work.

What kind?

Let's look to the Sabian Symbol (22 degrees Aquarius) for this full moon and it pretty much tells us what kind of inner work is most supported.


Man is never left without assistance when early seeking to grow emotionally and spiritually. Even if he does not consciously realize the intent and value of that which sustains his self-development and cushions the shocks which provide his growth in understanding, the assistance is still there.

Through a warm APPRECIATION of basic opportunities and even small comforts, we can safely and happily grow into personal maturity."
- Dane Rudhyar

This idea - that we are supported as we learn and grow (even if sometimes we aren't able to overtly see that we are supported) - feels really important to me right now.

Obviously, we are individually and collectively in a phase of rapid evolution. And if, as I mentioned in the new Shadow episode of the podcast (#14), we come to earth to learn things, the past few years have been a kind of speed round of growth.

This growth is not linear, it's more of a spiral. Every time we 'get to the next level of the video game' the same old tricksters in new costumes come to see if they can trip us up again, in a new way.

And sometimes they do.

And that's ok.

Sometimes that is what it takes to fully heal.

Sometimes that is what it takes to master the lesson.

I think (contrary to what traditional and social media are telling us) that we are all actually doing a pretty good job of evolving. And I absolutely am in love with what the Sabian Symbol for this full moon is advising us to do...

Put a rug down so you can grow and play in comfort and warmth!

We are just little human beings. Even as we are climbing higher and higher, we need softness. Part of learning, especially this high-vibe sort of learning, is falling. Everything is already tricky enough out there, and it does seem up to us to create ways to soften and warm the situation enough that the growth can feel like play and we feel supported and safe as we change and expand ourselves and the world.

So I want to recommend a playlist for this particular week, that centers on the themes of this full moon.

Day 1 - listen to the newest meditation on the site RELEASE. This track is going to help you let go of any and all baggage you might not even realize you are carrying around.

Day 2 - listen to AQUARIUS. The ZODIAC meditations are not just for people with that sun sign or rising sign. They are meant to help us all tune into the essential power that each sign offers. In this case, yes I am recommending Aquarius because the full moon is in Aquarius, but also because it very nicely tunes us into where our talents and personal magic are most needed, both internally and externally.

Day 3 - listen to TEMPLE OF THE HEART. I bet you thought I was going to suggest FULL MOON. : ) In general that is obviously my full moon go to meditation, and it is always great for any full moon. However, with this specific playlist and the energy we've got going on this week, Temple of the Heart feelsso perfect. It is the audio equivalent of putting down an energetic rug so you can grow and play.

So pop your headphones on and put a rug down to add some softness to your inner work.