For many years (too many years) I asked “What is my purpose? What am I here to do?” And the answer didn’t come all at once, wrapped in a neat bow. All I could do was bit by bit, take the next inspired step and the next and the next.

And even sometimes still I’m unsure if I am doing enough.

Recently I got this email and I had a deep knowing that this - exactly what she describes - is a big part of what I’m here on Earth to do.

“I have spent ALL DAY TODAY with your material. 

Recently, I had asked the Universe (many times) to help me reconnect with the innocence and imagination that came so easily to me when I was a child.  Our “world” can suck the life (and beautiful imagination) right out of a person!

I think I was growing heartsick as I longed for all that awe and wonder and joy that through my 83+ years had cumulatively escaped me.  I knew what I was missing, but I didn’t know how to retrieve it.

I have felt this loss of innocence and imagination keenly.  

Well…….the Universe DELIVERED!  It sent me YOU….and all your incredible meditations.  I don’t feel that loss any more.  I am alive and well and filled to overflowing.  You brought me NEW LIFE.

I love your meditations…..the wonderful imagination, the concepts behind the visuals. your voice, so soft, clear, and soothing.  I love the music.  And I love the time and space of silence that you offer.  I have listened to many guided

meditations in my day….and none….repeat NONE... offer the combination of wonderful qualities that yours offer.    I feel stability, peace, and expansion as I listen, and I’m given plenty of time to explore my own inner space without feeling

rushed, intruded upon, or guided where I don’t particularly want to go.  I eagerly look forward to listening to every one.

My purchasing of your yearly streaming subscription is one of the best gifts I have given myself EVER. 

I on’t know how to thank you.  Words just don’t do it.  You have gifted me….and the world…..with a priceless treasure chest that offers something new and beautiful every time we open it!”

 - Sandy Tillotson