Jessica Snow is a meditative storyteller and energetic alchemist.

Photo Credit -  Charlie Chipman

Photo Credit - Charlie Chipman

Jessica is consistently at the fore of the mystical zeitgeist.

Since 2011, her bright imagination, inclusive nature, and magical voice have made her a sought-out and beloved meditation guide in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Today, Jessica is a leader in the guided meditation movement and an authentic voice of the new new age.  She writes, creates, records and leads inventive mystical experiences that are as profound as they are pleasurable. 

Beneficial for both the first timer and experienced meditator, her narratives are powerful original myths and fairy tales filled with symbolism.  By placing the participant at the center of each journey, she opens the door to the possibilities of awakening, rejuvenation, and transcendence.

Since starting crystal meditations with Spellbound Sky in 2012, she has guided hundreds of events with tens of thousands of people, developed her own style of 1 on 1 sessions, created an expansive hypersigil of digital content and witnessed an extraordinary amount of magic. 

In 2015 she mounted a successful Kickstarter to publish her first book, 99 Visions, which is now in its second printing.  In early 2017, she launched her streaming service so anyone anywhere can press play and start meditating.  To date, people have pressed play on her meditations and podcasts over 50,000 times. In early 2019 Jessica released her fourth book The Field as a multi-media experience.

New projects for Jessica include a new partnership with collage fine artist Somsara Rielly to teach SoulCollage® - a mystical process of collaging a personal oracle deck. You can learn more about this creative inner work at art-x-magic.com.

Whether working in contemplative or creative modalities Jessica’s main aim is always the same - to reconnect you with your own magic.