Meditating with stones is the ultimate way to create a friendship with these powerful allies and opens the door for them to share their beautiful energy and wisdom with you.  To supercharge this crystal magic, we have synced our event schedule to full and new moons.  This will allow us to tap into the lunar/astrological zeitgeist and access some very fine, high energies.

We feature a different crystal each time.  When you arrive, we give you that crystal (to keep!) to turn into a touchstone as you dive into a guided meditation that is absolutely inspired by and infused with the essence of that stone and the lunar/astrological weather. 

Crystal Meditation with Jessica Snow with crystals from Spellbound Sky

ROAM Meditation Center in Frog Town

1492 Blake Ave, LA 90031 

All crystal meditations start at 7:30pm.

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Fall/Winter 2019 Calendar

Friday, September 13 Full Moon in Pisces - Prehnite (heart-based spiritual communication)

Tuesday, October 1 New Moon/First Quarter - Zebra Jasper (balance, finding joy)

Saturday, October 12 Full Moon in Aries - Moss Agate (abundance, bringing things into being)

Sunday, October 27 New Moon in Scorpio - Nuumite (personal magic, inter-dimensional healing)

Tuesday, November 12 Full Moon in Taurus - Kambaba (tranquility, reclaiming natural power)

Tuesday, November 26 New Moon in Sagittarius - Polished Honey Calcite (focused manifestation)

Wednesday, December 11 Full Moon in Gemini - Sodalite (self mastery, intuition)


Friday, January 10 Full Moon in Cancer - Amazonite (heart-based communication, finding beauty)

Friday, January 24 New Moon - Clear Quartz Points (fresh start, the world is your oyster)

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To get a feel for what a Jessica Snow Crystal Meditation is like, click here to read Refinery 29's What It Is Like to Do a Crystal Meditation.


This is the complete SoulCollage experience. This process is highly magical and open to everyone. We have IRL workshops (see below) and also have developed a way for you to learn it all digitally with our Starter E-Kit.

Saturday, September 21 9:30am-4:00pm - FULL DAY EQUINOX NATURE RETREAT

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