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These private sessions are highly magical and completely tailored for you. Whether you want to deepen your existing practice or turn over a whole new leaf, this guided inner work is the perfect spiritual jumpstart. Each session is unique, but generally includes: a short pre-session email communication, highly personalized guided meditation and whatever other inner work is indicated. After your session you will also receive “mystical homework” so you can keep the magic going on your own.

"Thank you so very much for the incredible session!   There's definitely been a 'turning point' that's been filled with so much goodness and clarity.  It was incredible and I'm still energized from the experience.  I've been working on the homework and am slowly building a daily practice.  You are so lovely, wise, and encouraging, and I'm ever so grateful to have met you.” - Ann Stock

“Our session last week was so wonderful and intense. I felt like I had a full convo with my subconscious and you were there to moderate and witness. I've never had a reading like that. It continues to blow my mind and it has also loosened up some serious stuff in my life. I'm super grateful to you, BEYOND GRATEFUL really and I've been doing all my homework too!” - Brooke Sebold

“I spent a few magical days with Jessica in the desert, working on a creative project that was trying to be born but wasn’t fully realised. She was such an incredible guide and support, conjuring the exact kind of atmosphere and head space to tackle the task of playing in the deep creative realms. We collaged, meditated, walked, talked, documented, playing in the unconscious and having so much fun doing so. I would highly recommend Jessica’s creative midwifery work to anyone who wants to create and explore from a very pure and truthful place, who may be feeling blocked or unsure or even just a little scared of the task of creating. She gently leads you through creative blocks, which can be so lonely, and pulls out your innate magic with effortless compassion, creativity and incredibly useful practical tools and ideas. I love working with Jessica!” - Natasha Khan, Bat for Lashes


Jessica also officiates weddings, creates ceremonies & meditations for private events (baby showers, weddings showers, birthdays), and brings a magical, exciting presence to branded events and voice-over work. She also consults and co-creates one-of-a-kind recorded meditations for whatever hot topic you might be working on.

For more information, contact Jessica here.

Many companies - Grindr, Lululemon, Ritual Vitamins, Lunya, Lord Jones, Dosist - have treated their people to guided meditation with Jessica Snow. Jessica creates an hour-long, fully guided experience tailored to each company’s need and culture.  Whether you want to release stress and relax, unlock latent creativity and power or create a more cohesive and lively community, Jessica can craft a group experience whose positive effects last long after the session is over.

For more information, contact Jessica here.

Brand Event for Dosist & Lunya, 2018

Brand Event for Dosist & Lunya, 2018