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I’m happy to be a part of the streaming service. Because you posted the live new moon meditation on the streamers side, I joined. Your work is a grounding force in my life. - Melissa P.

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“I have spent ALL DAY TODAY with your material. 

Recently, I had asked the Universe (many times) to help me reconnect with the innocence and imagination that came so easily to me when I was a child.  Our “world” can suck the life (and beautiful imagination) right out of a person!

I think I was growing heartsick as I longed for all that awe and wonder and joy that through my 83+ years had cumulatively escaped me.  I knew what I was missing, but I didn’t know how to retrieve it.

I have felt this loss of innocence and imagination keenly.  

Well…….the Universe DELIVERED!  It sent me YOU….and all your incredible meditations.  I don’t feel that loss any more.  I am alive and well and filled to overflowing.  You brought me NEW LIFE.

I love your meditations…..the wonderful imagination, the concepts behind the visuals. your voice, so soft, clear, and soothing.  I love the music.  And I love the time and space of silence that you offer.  I have listened to many guided

meditations in my day….and none….repeat NONE... offer the combination of wonderful qualities that yours offer.    I feel stability, peace, and expansion as I listen, and I’m given plenty of time to explore my own inner space without feeling rushed, intruded upon, or guided where I don’t particularly want to go.  I eagerly look forward to listening to every one.

My purchasing of your yearly streaming subscription is one of the best gifts I have given myself EVER. 

I don’t know how to thank you.  Words just don’t do it.  You have gifted me….and the world…..with a priceless treasure chest that offers something new and beautiful every time we open it!”

 - Sandy Tillotson


Streamers inspire me the most! I am always adding new content to the membership area.

As of FEB. 2019 when you stream you get instant access to these 90 guided meditations:

  1. PRICELESS - 7th chakra

  2. INDIGO - 6th chakra

  3. FREQUENCY - 5th chakra

  4. CONSTELLATION - 4th chakra

  5. VITAMIN - 3rd chakra

  6. LIQUID COLOR - 2nd chakra

  7. HERE - 1st chakra

  8. WINDOWS - inner adventures

  9. FEELINGS - emotions in real time

  10. CURRENTS - riding the waves

  11. HATCHLING - shed the shell

  12. LITTLE CLOUD - radiance and resonance

  13. DEER - turning sensitivity into a strength

  14. TEMPLE OF THE HEART - higher perspective and love illumination

  15. QUEEN - expansion and delight

  16. KING - alignment and right action

  17. THE CHALICE - joy and magic/abundance and nobility consciousness

  18. LIGHTNING ROD - inspiration and manifestation

  19. THE EXCHANGE - play and wonder

  20. GLAMOUR - casting enchantments and charms

  21. PLANT LIFE - powerful shift in perspective

  22. SHAPESHIFTER - experimenting with form

  23. THE HEALER - finding out you are worthy of grace

  24. THE ARTIST - big-time tapping into creative instincts

  25. WATERFALL - flowing beyond thought + time

  26. PLUTO - shadow showdown

  27. LIGHTER - quantum fun + magic bonfire

  28. NEW MOON - moon magic + fresh vision

  29. WINGS - flying high + blissing out

  30. SAND - magic carpet ride

  31. DREAMS - flow yourself to sleep

  32. SIESTA - magical midday recalibration

  33. RISE + SHINE - first thing when you wake up

  34. EQUINOX - the magic + pleasure of spring

  35. CRYSTALLINE - crystal power (use with any crystal)

  36. MIRROR - see/create yourself + the future

  37. OCEAN – be expansive, infinite + oceanic

  38. BIG CAT - awaken wild instincts + build power

  39. EARTHLING –reclaim your natural state of being

  40. ARIES – when you are ready to begin

  41. TAURUS – discover true beauty + make it yours

  42. GEMINI - wit, wisdom & perspective

  43. CANCER - expanding in the direction of pleasure

  44. LEO - lion-hearted superstar

  45. VIRGO - cultivating wonderland

  46. LIBRA - being both muse & creator

  47. SCORPIO - exploring realms of mystery & magic

  48. SAGITTARIUS - bright dancing adventure

  49. CAPRICORN - building worldly power

  50. AQUARIUS - bringing magic where its needed

  51. PISCES - changing states, always in flow

  52. STORM – alchemy + a fresh start

  53. FLORA – seed to bloom, perfect for summer

  54. SERPENTINE – pure transformational power

  55. GOLDEN SCALES – create harmonic balance

  56. WOLF – call your soul family to you

  57. THE CLASSROOM – liberate your thinking

  58. VISION 33 – elevate your energetic set point

  59. ELEMENTAL – access the elemental forces of nature

  60. STARRY TREE – distill + manifest your creative vision

  61. BRAND NEW – prime yourself for the present/future

  62. MERMAID – let beauty + goodness in

  63. DRAGON – practice unconditional happiness

  64. PLACEBO – magical, mystical help + healing

  65. PACKETS OF LIGHT – become luminous + effervescent

  66. DARK MATTER – be expansive + play with the infinite

  67. FUR + FLOWERS – bliss out + become innocent again

  68. THE FOURTH LAYER – connect to something greater

  69. SANCTUARY – let your luminous heart be healed

  70. METEORITE – a sparkling wake up call to life on earth

  71. PYRAMID – magic, protection + divination

  72. TREASURE – discover gifts from the subconscious

  73. INQUIRY – listen + gather pure insight

  74. THE ELEGANT BRIDGE – grace + divine communication

  75. THE FUTURE – try on possible futures + see how they feel

  76. PORTALS – walk through dream worlds

  77. BIRDS + BOXES – let your intuition speak

  78. APHRODITE – bring good things to life

  79. ANIMAL NATURE – access your wild intuition

  80. WILD HORSES – get fired up + run free

  81. REDWOOD – become grounded + sovereign

  82. FULL MOON – all sparkly because the moon loves you

  83. POLLINATOR – beautiful thing to beautiful thing

  84. ARROW – take aim + transcend anything you like

  85. THE HAWK – take flight + get that bird’s eye view

  86. THE LIBRARY – find out what you want to know

  87. THE WHITE ROOM – the meditation that started it all

  88. PRIMAL – unguided drum journey

  89. BIRDLAND – 15 minutes of ambient birdsong

  90. PURE SOUND – electric sound bath

“Jessica - Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t being to fully express how much magic I’ve made recently through my work with your meditations.  I have been on a Frequency/Brand New/Pyramid rotation, and, simply put, you are  truly changing my life. Thank you for all that you do!” - Allie Lerner

“Thanks for all your magical meditations! I think you're really one of a kind, your meditations help me discover my inner hidden gems making me more creative and just allowing me to know myself a little better. I think you really have a special skill and oh, I love your voice too! Each meditation is like a lovingly crafted piece of art.” - Laura Iisalo

"Thanks for the meditations. I started a subscription last week and am hooked-I've begun to use it daily and they are so powerful." - Alejandra Diaz Mattoni

"Just wanted to say that your meditations are so one of a kind for me! I feel so connected and safe with your guidance." - Jeanette Sinh

“I have never been able to access my higher self in the capacity that I just did through any other meditation...I feel new. You are gifted, and I'm thrilled to be a streamer and to listen daily.” - Kelsey Ortiz