Last Saturday morning, we made some real practical magic at Spellbound Sky.  

We came together, created an altar, meditated, and connected as human beings, as earthlings, as  beating hearts. I am not exagerating when I say it was magical.

It meant so much to me and I think to so many others there.

And so a quick word about spiritual community. If you don't have one, go find one, or create one; it's not only vital, but incredibly pleasurable.  

Some ideas to get you started - 

Gather your friends and meditate at your home. Light candles, everyone bring an offering, get together and meditate. Either you lead it, or play a guided meditation or music.

Find the spiritual community where you live. Go and attend one of their events and see who you connect with and take it from there.

Discover all the communities on the internet. Again, find one you like, join in and connect.