Meditating with you is literally my pleasure, it brings me a deep and wondrous feeling. I always am hoping that vibe translates and you feel it too, whether you are listening or reading. Sometimes I get a really nice message that reassures me that the magic is happening, not just for me, but for you too.

"Jess, wanting to say I just listened to your dragon meditation and just wow - you are tapping into such powerful, deep stuff - thank you for doing what you do- you really are so dialed in and the way you guide, the words you choose, the ideas you plant, your unique style of speech even - is just so special and real, so sincere and in tune - I've been listening to a lot of various guided meditations and you are simply one of the best of the best - I am just very proud to know you …"  - Aimee Lay - Singer, Musician