When you play it right, it is ALWAYS possible to ask for and receive intel from your subconscious and the collective unconscious.  Here are a couple tips on this matter...

1. If you get a message or a symbol you do not immediately understand, GO BACK into meditation and ask for more information. Become the student, the humble learner and ask for clarification, edification, more signs. On the other hand, when you 'get the message' right away, enjoy a surge of gratitude for being in that state of flow.

2. You are a unique individual with a unique sensibility having a unique life experience.  Only you know what things mean for you. What an alligator means to me might not be the same for you. So when you are paying attention to symbols and archetypes, check in FIRST with what your Self thinks of them BEFORE heading to the internet or a reference book.

3. Leave space for the reveal. It is natural, especially when you are working on something important to you, to give a little 'push' and jump to a conclusion about what things mean. This is like forcing the petals of a flower open before they are ready. Hold your visions to you as you go through life and dream at night and let the insight come to you in a flash when your attention is half-occupied elsewhere.

4. Give your subconscious and the collective consciousness room to bring that insight at the perfect moment - which may not be during the time in your day you have set aside to meditate. You may bring up a topic in your contemplative practice whose corresponding response comes later, when you are in the shower or driving or in your dreams that night.  Be kind, your job is to bring it up and leave the door open.  Don't be demanding, when you are ready to know or experience the flash of magic, it will come.

For more on this, listen to Episode 5 of Experiment With the Idea which dives deep into the best ways (in my experience) to work with symbolism and cultivate a healthy rapport between you and the invisible mysterious.

"Our sparks stay suspended all night tonight by Olde American Magic, so stay up. They'll illumine the way toward every American's rightful portion of liberty, joy and crazy-colored, ever present, indestructible light."
- Theresa Duncan