What if it's all inside you, all the treasure and magic you could ever hope to want?  What if there was nothing you had to chase, that you are actually totally sovereign?  What if, instead of fighting and clawing and lamenting, you just got still and took small inspired actions as all kinds of synchronous help arrived, delivering something even more spectacular than you first were able to imagine?

I've read this genius passage (from my hero Rob Brezsny) out loud at many live events and I think in times like these it is worth repeating...

“Imagine this scene.  You’re really thirsty – so dehydrated that you’re feeling faint.  Yet here’s the weird thing: You’re walking along the bank of a wide river that’s so clear you could see the bottom if you looked.

But you’re not looking.  In fact, you seem oblivious to the surging force of nature just a few yards away.

Is it invisible to you?  Are you so preoccupied with your suffering that you’re blind to the very source that would end your suffering?

Up ahead you see a man.  As you approach, you realize he’s holding a bottle of water.  You run to him and beg him to let you drink.  He readily agrees.  Gratefully you guzzle the precious liquid, then thank him profusely.

As you walk away, he calls after you, “By the way, there’s a lot more water over there,” and he points to the river.

Do you hear him?  If you hear him, do you believe him?  Or do you keep walking, hoping to find another person with another bottle somewhere up ahead?”

- Rob Brezsny

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