What if the world you see around you is a mirror reflecting the world inside you?  And vice versa?

What if your inner world and outer world are in constant communion? 

What if when you meditate you activate all kinds of dormant intelligence, gifts and energies and draw them up to be actualized in the outer world?

What if within you lies an infinite treasure trove and meditation is the key that unlocks it?   What if it’s all in there, waiting for you to come and find it?

What if you can make changes in your rich interior and see changes “magically” occur in the external world? 

I have seen highly magical things result from people even just experimenting with meditation just a little bit.  And I have experienced (and am still experiencing) a steady stream of magic as I attend to my own practice which keeps getting richer and more rewarding and infinitely (pleasantly) surprising as the years go on.  Thoughts and inspiration and healing come through; synchronicities abound; gifts arrive; magic happens.

“Also I think meditation promotes a desirable digital consciousness whereas many of us are still at least partially stuck in analogue consciousness by dint of our upbringing or being overly attuned to the more old-era dinosaur attitudes of our society.

Analogue consciousness makes your mind like a huge dusty old book shelf where guests can peruse all the spines of the books to see how well read, traveled or experienced you are. All your knowledge is there. Digital consciousness is more like the cloud – you are serene and trust that the information, response, memory or idea you need is there for the “downloading” when you want it to be.”

Mystic Medusa

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