99 VISIONS is almost back in stock. If you are new, this is a linen cloth hardcover, gold-foil embossed, fully illustrated book - a collection of 99 meditations divided into 9 categories.  We sold out last fall and they'll be available VERY SOON.

Here's a little idea of how magical this book really is...

"Wow! So hey Jessica, thanks for the meditation. It was really powerful. 

So I finally got your book 99 VISIONS today from Spellbound Sky. I felt a magical feeling when I first saw it months ago, so I knew today would be special. Martin (or Mark? the one who drummed at our meditation) did a crystal healing on me, so I felt especially synchronized. 

I opened your book at Barnsdall Art Park while watching the sunset, and began reading Vision 36, Tribe. The cave painting I saw was of a warrior pointing his spear. Just then I felt what it was like to have true courage, and an old book idea came back to me. 

As soon as I realized that, this couple turned toward me to take a picture. One had "primitive" written on his hat (like tribe!), the other had Micky Mouse on his hat. I had been seeing Micky Mouse in my visions for months. Every time I asked about my life purpose, I saw Micky Mouse. I kept thinking that was because it meant "it's easy!" Nope! It was for this moment with your book. Everyone around me was saying "yes yes yes yes yes". 

As I was walking away from the park, swelling with the realization of what I'm going to create, this little girl goes, 'He's awake mommy! Look, he's awake!' 

It. Was. Awesome. 

Thanks Jessica channeling your powerful magic!"

 - Chris Haight