I am happy to say we are on our second printing of the magic red book.  If you've never seen a copy of 99 VISIONS in real life, it's a very beautiful, fully illustrated, gold-foil embossed, scarlet library-cloth hardcover book containing 99 meditations divided into 9 chapters. 

If this book were an animal, it would be a magical white horse (like Shadowfax from The Lord of the Rings) that could take you wonderful places faster and with more ease than you could on your own.

When I wrote this book I thought it would just be people reading the visions and then meditating quietly on their own.  And that has happened.  But you know what else happened?  People made this book a part of their altar, yoga and sound bath teachers used it at the beginning or end of their classes, people have learned to go into the visions as they read - the reading itself became the meditation, friends have gotten together and read it aloud, and so many people have taken it out into nature so they can have a spiritual moment without electricity or a screen.

Through sheer word of mouth it has already become something so much more than I expected when I started a little Kickstarter to self-publish it in 2015.  And I am still in love with this book.  I still, after using it all these years, see how much magic it holds within its pages.  

I made lot of expensive choices when I made this book - illustrations, hardcover, etc. - but I really feel they were all worth it.  It is more than a book, it is a magical object for real.  But lately I've had the urge to  make this book more accessible - so all August long 99 VISIONS will be available on this site for $26 (including media mail shipping) per book. 

So if you've been wanting one for yourself or a copy for a friend, now is the time.  

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