Many years ago (in the ‘90s!) I was in Switzerland in the Alps, watching these glider airplanes soaring on the mountain air currents. These light planes rose on the drafts of air without the help of a traditional engine. Every morning we watched them rise, higher and higher; the same way a hawk circles effortlessly in the sky.

Today, while walking, I started thinking about that upward spiral and how we can get (and keep) ourselves on it. I also thought about all the counter currents (our own thoughts, the advertising that is literally almost everywhere, other people’s opinions we’ve internalized) that draw us down; keeping us from going as high as the currents want to take us.

And it came to me that everything I do, from the things you see here to my work with Art X Magic, is designed to keep you on the upward spiral. I am all about accessing that upward draft of air, whether through meditation or some other kind of creative or contemplative work, and then setting ourselves up so we can ride it higher and higher.

All of this mystical stuff works. If you want to work with crystals or meditate or cast spells or make your own oracle deck, it WILL take you on an upward spiral. Even when parts of your inner work are challenging or even painful, it will still be beautiful and you will rise. For sure. 100%.

However, for this to work, to set yourself up so you catch the upward draft, you have to do the things. You have to show up. We live in a beckoning world - there’s always so many things we could do - we have to have the intent to spiral upward and then do the things we know lead to us spreading our wings so we can fly higher.

This is why I feel so strongly that the meditations you find here are PLEASURABLE and that the creative inner work we do at Art X Magic FEELS GOOD too. Because if it feels good, you’ll come back and do it again and again. And then you are consistently keeping yourself on that upward spiral. And then you get lots of proof that it is working. Which proves that you really are magic and that there are invisible forces working on your behalf. And it all feeds into each other and you get to go higher and higher and higher.

So if you are new, that’s what we are doing here.

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