Now that there are 90 meditations available on this site, it seems like a good time to check in and see what you are listening to most. I have to say, when I checked the stats, it surprised me because this Top 10 list has different tracks on it than the Top 10 list I might make according to my own tastes. So I wonder if you will feel the same or if you’ve been listening to a lot of the ones on this list. For fun, I am including my own thoughts about each one and I’ll also do a follow up post where I let you in on my own personal Top 10.

10. CRYSTALLINE - I am pretty sure I know why this one is here. It really is a perfect track when you want to work with any stone or collection of stones. It’s a beautiful thing to tune into the time-perspective/state-of-being of the rock world which has been on earth so much longer than humans.

9. DRAGON - This one is the ‘happy for no reason’ meditation. I totally get why it is on this list. I do this one every few months and each time it reminds me that I know how to alchemize malaise into joy. I also often suggest this one for first-time meditators because it gets right to the point.

8. MIRROR - I for sure know why this one is here. It takes you to a special place and helps you make MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC. This is an oldie but a goodie and I am so happy to see it on this list. <3

7. THE CHALICE - Of course this track is here. It is everyone’s favorite heart-opener, gratitude, abundance experience. If you need to up-level your ability to receive, this is the one.

6. STORM - This one’s popularity used to surprise me, but doesn’t anymore. I actually have this one hovering in my own personal Top 10 because it is alchemically powerful. Life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows and when I’m ready to shake things up and make a fresh start, STORM is my go-to.

5. EARTHLING - This is another track I really love and am somehow still amazed that other people love it as much as I do. Sometimes the simple things, like coming back to earth, make us feel the best. This one is close to my heart and it warms my heart you all love it too.

4. RISE + SHINE - I get this one too. This is the ultimate morning meditation and I know a lot of people use it daily - especially when they are starting to get their meditation practice going. It’s no coincidence that enlightenment has a lot to do with ‘waking up’ which this track helps you do consciously and magically.

3. PLANT LIFE - This one in this position on the list might be the biggest shocker. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this track (I actually made it for myself because I love green growing things so much), but I have been pleasantly surprised you all love it too.

2. SIESTA - I am not surprised this one is here, near the top of the list. It’s on my personal list too. It is a perfect midday pick-up and reorients me EVERY TIME to what is really important. Listening to this around 4pm really helps separate the signal from the noise and it is SUCH A FEEL GOOD meditation, great for everyone.

And your number 1 is…. DREAMS! I totally get this one too. Sometimes, at the end of a long day, you want to cosmically unwind and let yourself be carried into the dream world and this track does just that. (I would love to see stats on who makes it to the end still awake - LOL - probably very few of us.) : )

So that’s your list as of March 2019, I’ll post my own list soon and we can see where they overlap. <3