I’ve wanted an Instagram break for a while.

The primal addictiveness of Instagram inhibits my creative power.  This is true on more levels than I care to admit. When I am standing in line at the store I don’t want to be scrolling or DMing, I want to be present with what’s happening around me and weaving the creative threads of the projects I am working on in background of my mind. When I hit a tricky time in my creative day, I don’t want to go to Instagram, I want to do creative inner work until I have a breakthrough. I also don’t want to be obsessed with how many “likes” a posts gets, I don’t want to inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings because of a picture I post and in general I just want custody of my own perception and attention.

I’ve known for longer than I care to admit that a true break from Instagram is the right thing for me, and yet I hesitated.

Because isn’t Instagram a tool for small businesses?

If I leave, will my business - which I’ve spent the last seven years creating – fall apart?

Will everyone who loves this work go away?

That would devastate me.

So yes I am scared, and yes, I am taking a hiatus from Instagram anyway. I may break down and slide back in for a fix, but in general, at least until July 31, you are better off finding me here on this site, via email or in real life.

I’ll still be sending out AMAZING Tuesday emails (get on the list at the base of this page) and of course I’ll be making some MAGNIFICENT things for you.

I’ve positioned this for myself as “The Grand Experiment.” I am testing my own theory that the more I stay OFF the platform, the more beautiful and helpful things I will make, the more profound connections I will enjoy and (contrary to all societal messaging about Instagram as a small business tool) the more money I will make.

Here we go… let’s see what happens…