At the very beginning of May 2019 I started conducting 1 on 1 sessions and I would describe this development as an exquisite adventure.

The idea actually came to me during meditation after I tapped through what I will politely call “abundance resistance” with Gala Darling and some other rad friends. A few days later, I was meditating like I always do, when a small quiet voice said, “you should do some 1 on 1 sessions.” That was it, no extra information. But because I have been at this game a very long time, I knew to obey that soft voice that I can really only hear when I get very still or when something very unexpected is happening..

So I came out of that meditation and sent out an email to the best little meditation society (this one, all the people who gather at this site) and within 48 hours every available time slot was filled; it sold out.

I started doing the sessions and it has be BEAUTIFUL in every sense of the word. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Everyone has a higher self. There are no exceptions to this rule - whether you “believe” in your higher self is immaterial.

  2. Some things - life experiences - that our higher self thinks are rad, perfect and right on time, feel hellish to our earthly, human-y selves.

  3. If we ask, our higher self will ALWAYS send a guide to accompany us through any era of our lives; teaching us, helping us, offering love, comfort and “good luck”.

  4. Accessing the higher self does not have to be a big production and is actually better approached several times a day for a few moments than a formal, detail-driven thing once in a while.

  5. There is a “you-shaped space” in the world that only you can fill. You fill this space by being as authentically yourself as possible.

  6. Everything is an “inside-job”. When you attend to your inner work (as instructed especially by that soft, quiet inner voice), the details of your external life mirror the new internal state you’ve created.

  7. It feels really good to turn your attention inward and consult with your own wisdom and power.

  8. In general, the recommendations the higher self delivers are simple and easy to comply with.

  9. Everyone (including me) leaves these sessions feeling good and EXCITED.

I’ve learned more, but I myself - human that I am - need a little bit more time to metabolize and integrate it before I share - which I will do in this space.

The remaining June 1 on 1s are all booked up, but there is a waiting list for the next set of them. I do them IRL in my office in Burbank, CA or over FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. If you are interested in adding your name to that list please email me here.

“It is a great privilege to be conscious in this universe. Those who understand, shine like stars.”

- Robert Anton Wilson