SEVEN is a guided exploration of our seven main energy fields. You could think of this album as a collection of non-traditional chakra meditations.

Each meditation is focused less on color or any “open” or “blocked” quality of a certain chakra, and concentrates more on the primal, elemental enlivening of each energetic area.

These seven tracks – HERE, LIQUID COLOR, VITAMIN, CONSTELLATION, FREQUENCY, INDIGO and PRICELESS – are each about 20 minutes long and are filled with alchemical magic (see descriptions below). They can be listened to in any order.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download a zipped file containing all seven meditations. Download them to your computer and they are yours forever. (If you would rather stream than download, all seven of these tracks are included in the streaming membership, see here for more information.)

1. HERE >> Elemental Power – Earth >> Vibe – Thriving in the here and now >> Gifts – Power, foundation, strength, gratitude

2. LIQUID COLOR >> Elemental Power – Water >> Vibe – Big-time experience of magical beauty >> Gifts – Creativity, flow, rejuvenation, ripple effect

3. VITAMIN >> Elemental Power – Fire >> Vibe – Shine like a star >> Gifts – Up-leveling, transformation, warmth, brilliance

4. CONSTELLATION >> Elemental Power – Air >> Vibe – You are not alone >> Gifts – Interconnection, pattern recognition, heart amplification

5. FREQUENCY >> Elemental Power – Sound >> Vibe  - Perfect, highest self expression >> Gifts – New energetic set-point, receptivity, creative optimization

6. INDIGO >> Elemental Power – Light >> Vibe – High-level visionary >> Gifts – Inspiration, above-and-beyond intuition, fresh insight

7. PRICELESS >> Elemental Power – Quintessence >> Vibe – Heavenly >> Gifts – Bliss, transcendence, higher wisdom, spiritual gifts


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