Artemis by @dianazalucky <3

Artemis by @dianazalucky <3

I'd like to share a question I've been playing with this week. The question is... "is there magic here?" It really shouldn't after all these years - but it still shocks me that when I get present (even for a few seconds) I realize that the answer to that question is always yes. There is always magic here.

And that doesn't mean that things are always easy or 'good' or even how I 'want' them to be, it's just that when I stop and really perceive what is happening  - the answer is yes, there is magic here.

As far as my heart is concerned, all of this messy yet somehow synchronized existence can't be explained any other way.

You can experiment with this question too, any time you want. In your car in the morning, in line at the grocery store, sitting across from someone you love, by yourself in a quiet moment  - "is there magic here?" If the answer is yes, then consider yourself awake. 

Thirdly, on account of so many new people (yay!  welcome!) joining our little meditation society, indulge me in clarifying a few things:

1.  Whoever you are, there is magic inside you.  And just as that magic is in you, it is also in everyone and everything.

2.  You access this magic through presence. Whenever you enjoy a moment-to-moment awareness of your life in real time, whenever you choose to magically pay attention, you are instantly magically empowered.

3.  Inner work is the name of the game. Everything is an inside job. Do your work on the inside and external 'reality' will mirror those changes.

4.  Give yourself a break. We live in a beckoning world - modern life draws our attention outward - away from our own powerful centers. So it takes a second to reclaim the sovereignty of our imagination and intuition. It's okay that it's taken us this long to remember where our real power is and what it can do.

5. The simplest way to perceive the magic of whatever is 'happening' in your existence is to simply find your own way to hear the quiet voice within. When you ask the question "is there magic here?", the soft voice that answers "yes" - that's the one you should pledge your allegiance to. In my experience (especially after doing all of these 1-on-1 sessions) that still quiet voice knows the best way to bring you all the way to where you want to be. 

I really look at these tracks, events and books as jumping off points - all of them just open the door and it is up to you to walk through. 

A thousand people can listen to the same track and each person will see their own signature visions. The same set of words opens a different door for each person. 

There is magic here.